About Me

My name is Ethelinda Webb, and I have some stories I’d like to share.

I’ve been writing fiction in one form or another since I was very young, and have been working on some more serious projects for the last several years. Since I’m now thinking of eventually self-publishing at least some of my work, I decided it was time to put some of it out there for anyone who might be interested in reading it. I write mostly fantasy, at the moment, though some of my work will have some science fiction flavor thrown in, and there may eventually be stories that fall into other categories as well; we’ll have to see where my muses take me.

Things that I post here are definitely works-in-progress, and are subject to revision and change as I learn more and as the stories evolve. It’s my intention to make final versions available as ebooks, but that is down the road a little bit. Background information and world-building notes about various stories will also eventually be posted here, for anyone who is interested in such things.

Comments, questions, cheer-leading and politely-expressed constructive criticism are welcome and greatly appreciated. 🙂

For a little bit more about me personally:

Reading is (not surprisingly) a great passion of mine.

I have a pet snake.

Cross-stitching is my other main hobby.

I love reading out loud, so there may be audiobook versions of some of my stories available eventually.


~Ethelinda W.



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