TWoS Fun Fact #4

The number four is very important to the Suomilen people because of their beliefs in the Four Winds. They often structure things around multiples of 4 (their week is 8 days, and there are 4 weeks in each month, traditionally there are 4 Brigades in the Royal Army, etc.).


TWoS Progress Update

I just finished the second draft of The Wizard of Suomen! 😀 😀 😀

I’m going to do a line-edit on paper before sending it to my editor, and then there will definitely be more edits to make, but at least I will feel like I’m sending a decent draft!

I’m really excited! 😀


TWoS Fun Fact #2

The planet that Suomen is a part of has a slightly shorter orbit around its sun than Earth around our Sun, making their year about 355 days long. The Suomilen people divide this up into eleven months of 32 days each, with a “leap year” every fourth year adding a day to the first month.

(Yes, I spent time figuring this out. Because I could. More fiction soon.)


TWoS Progress Update

Finally finished my read-through of Draft 1 of TWoS. -_- I think I’m solid on knowing the remaining major edits that are needed (at least, the ones that readers pointed out or that I can identify myself), so now it’s just a matter of doing them! Then a line-edit on paper, and then it can go to my editor. After which it will undoubtedly need many more edits, but that’s okay. 🙂


Update – moving forward!

So! The first draft of The Wizard of Suomen is completely posted!

Once again, I’d like to thank anyone who was reading/liking/commenting – I appreciate it. (If anyone who hasn’t commented up until now wants to leave some feedback, now is definitely a good time!)

I have been working on the second draft of TWoS for a few weeks now, and am making steady progress on that. In the interests of getting that finished up and to my editor sooner rather than later, I’m not going to make any promises about regularly posting other fiction until that second draft is done. There will be some fiction, but it will be shorter (probably some one-shot stories), and I’ll be posting more sporadically. Once I feel that TWoS is in good enough shape to give to my editor, I’ll try and be more regular about posting fiction again, probably every other week. I might go back to once a week at some point if I make enough progress on other projects.

Hopefully, I will be able to post some other things in between fiction posts! More movie and hopefully some book reviews, and maybe some more of me talking about aspects of writing or stories that I enjoy. I also might do some statistics and fun facts related to TWoS…and maybe some world-building info for Suomen will go up here as well (anyone interested in the Suomilen calender, for example?)

I’ll definitely post updates about TWoS as that progresses through the editing and (hopefully!!) publishing stages. Not much else that I can think of for now, I guess. If anyone following me has suggestions or prompts for things they’d like to see me write, I can take those under consideration! (Though I make no promises. 🙂 )


Second draft progress

The second draft of The Wizard of Suomen is coming along!

I’ll give a fuller update after the epilogue gets posted, but I realized that I’ve been kind of quiet lately outside of actual story posts. I did some more background world-building and got those things straightened out in my head and written down, and since then I’ve been working pretty steadily on actual second-draft edits to the story. I’m most of the way through Part 1.


First draft – done!!

Yesterday, I finished the first draft of The Wizard of Suomen.

It topped out at a little bit over 148,000 words (which is roughly 324 single-spaced pages in Microsoft Word), so my recent estimate of the final count for this first draft was fairly accurate.

I’m really, really excited about this, and I had a hard time getting to sleep afterwards because my brain was still going a mile a minute trying to process it. I’m still processing it now, I think, but I didn’t want to put off saying something about it any longer.

In terms of posting here on the website, I’m going to stick to my one-chapter-per-week schedule. This will keep things consistent with the past several months, and give me a little breathing room to begin working on the second draft, as well as hopefully building up a few more things to post after the first draft of TWoS is all up.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has been reading and liking/commenting. I appreciate all of the feedback that I’ve received, and I hope to have a great final version of TWoS done sometime this year. Stay tuned!